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What Are Peptides And How To Use TB 500

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As you may already know from my posts and articles I am an advocate for the use of peptides and have been for quite some time now. Imagine a simple injection of amino acids that could change the way your body reacts to the stress of an injury. Peptides and their abilities are close to science fiction to what they can do for you. All peptides are a set of amino acids arranged in a certain way to stimulate a certain biochemical process in the body [1]. To the body, they are a smaller version of a protein that is less than 50 amino acids bonded together.

Why is that fact important you may ask. Well, the reason peptides work so well is your body already recognizes them and does not need to let’s say decode the peptide. The body inherently knows what to do with the peptide’s instructions from the amino acids in the peptide. So one of the most incredible peptides I have found in my healing journey is TB 500. In this post, I will outline all the information you need to know about TB500. At the end of this article, I hope that you will be able to make a well-informed choice to add this peptide to your regimen.

What Is TB 500

 I actually discovered this peptide years ago on bodybuilding sites. I stumbled upon it when researching another peptide I have used called Tesamorelin. Alot of a body builders issues were very relatable to my condition. Broken tendons and muscle recovery was the talk of most body builders so I dove deeper into a peptide they spoke of called TB-500. Funny side note is that race horse owners have been using this stuff for decades on their prized ponies. If your looking for fringe medical treatments I always see what the uber rich horse owners are using. 

TB-500 and Thymosin Beta 4 is a synthetic peptide that has some amazing benefits linked to god like recovery times and muscle repair. The chemical structure was discoverd in 1960’s by doctor Allan Goldstien in New York. Two compounds were postulated to stimulate the thymus gland in the body but work differenently. Thymosin Alpha 1 works in the immune system and Thymosin Beta 4 promoted healing and tissue repair. So Thymosin Beta 4 and TB-500 are slightly different but act the same in the body. So if your looking through the internet and see them used interchangably they are differenent but work the same and TB-500 is easier to find online. Below I will have an image of the chemical structure of the peptide for all those who geek out on science like me.


So How Does TB-500 Actually Work?

Okay so your muscles and tendons hurt, and I mean really hurt. Well in just a few injections that problem might not be such a bid deal anymore. So how can we heal like wolverine and get back to our normal routine and how does TB 500 do that. So Thymosin beta 4 (TB4) is a naturally occurring g-actin sequestering peptide that is expressed in most cell-types and is especially abundant in inflammatory cells and thrombocytes. TB4 or TB500 has the ability to upregulate actin [2], which is a protein-coupled with myosin actually makes muscle cells. The upregulation of this protein actin allows the peptide to promote healing, cell growth, and proliferation to the damaged tissues. Moreover, the formation of new blood vessels from the peptide would also be important to the healing cascade and making the available elements for repair available to the tissues.

The most amazing benefit of the peptide is the ability to inject subcutaneously in the tissues and because its molecular weight TB-500 can circulate in the body and target areas that signal the need for the peptide. So your body is sending inflammation signals from the tissue damage and the peptide will circulate in the bloodstream to the site and recruit actin and new blood vessel formation, pretty cool right? 

Some claimed benefits are;

Where To Get TB4 / TB500

So scouring the internet you may notice that there is a multitude of sellers selling peptides with little to now professional contact informaiton or credibility. That is where I want you to stay clear of. Injecting yourself with a substance from who knows where it comes from is dangerous. I personally will only reccomened places and distributors that I have consulted with or am currently usings. Lets talk about the methods of getting these peptides.

1. Get a prescription from a certified peptide doctor. I personally have purchased my peptides from Titan medical center in Florida. They do phone consults and telemedicine and the initial cost is step but you get a prescription grade product. Also if you are looking for other doctors that will prescribe you this peptide please click the link below to consult with me.

2.Get your peptides from the place where I purchase mine. I trust canlab and Jean the owner. They have a research grade product which in most cases is higher quality than prescription. Canlab’s product has never dissapointed and they stand by their product. I personally have spoken with Jean the owner many times and he is a really big part of the reasons why peptides are becoming more prevalent in medince. Canlab has offered all of my followers and members 10% off any purchase at Canlab by using the code CONF10 at checkout.

3. You can also visit the International Peptide Society website and locate a doctor near you.

Supplies Needed For Peptides

When your peptide arrives it is in a powder form. Reconstitution is necessary and is done by adding bacteriostatic water (BAC) to the vial. There is a method on how much of the BAC water to the vial but that information will not be disscussed here. If you need assistnace with this you can always consult with me on this in a consult . Here is everything you will need.

How to inject

So please do not try this at home without proper training or medical supervision. However, here is a great video on how to inject the peptide subcutaneously. 

Consult With Me

Dosages and Precautions

I can not give medical dosages here on this blog, however, you can find that information online or by consulting myself or a peptide prescriber. Also any injection should be monitored by a medical professional or nurse.

If you are looking for a way to calculate dosages please see here

In Closing

I feel peptides can change the way medicine is taught and approached. Also I feel that if you have the capabilities to get this peptide into your life you should. Many have benefited from these peptides and you can too. Please reach out to me if you have any questions and would like a consultation about these miracle peptides. Also if you are looking for other health and diet-related articles view my blog.

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