How to remove fluoride from your life

Where can fluoride be found around you?

If you did not already know, fluoride can be detrimental to your health. That is why I want to help you learn how to remove fluoride from your body. Now I want to go into the effects of fluoride I wanted to review where you can find fluoride lurking in your home. Did you know that there is over 400 products in Walmart right now that have some sort of fluoride used in the manufacturing of the product?

It is truly shocking to me that such a dangerous molecule like fluoride can be so prevalent in our daily lives. It is my goal to let you know how to remove fluoride from your life as much as possible so that over a lifetime you will not suffer the side effects from it.

Fluoride can be found in these popular products around your home;

  • Toothpaste & mouthwash
  • Many dental products used by dentists
  • Teflon coated cookware
  • Fluorinated medications (Cipro, Flonase, etc.)
  • High fluoride foods (see below)
  • Fluoride Varnish
  • Pesticides containing fluoride (Cryolite and others)
  • Teas (Black & green)
  • Mechanically deboned meats
  • Workplace exposure (oil refining, semi-conductors, construction)

Now that we have a list of where to look for fluoride contaminating our surroundings, I would like to offer alternatives to these high fluoride items. Before we do anything I wanted to let you know why we should be fearful of fluoride and why we should remove it.

Do we need fluoride to live a healthy life?

Fluoride is a nonessential mineral, meaning the human body does not need it to perform its functions to stay alive. This means that no human disease — including tooth decay – will result from a “deficiency” of fluoride.

Minerals like Iodine which is added to salt is an essential nutrient and needed for things like thyroid function. That is why iodine is added to salt because as humans we do need this unlike fluoride which we do not.

Fluoride is stated that it prevents tooth decay and that is why it is prevalent in dentistry. However, recent studies and data compiled by the World Health Organization show that rates of tooth decay have declined substantially in countries with none fluorinated water. (See below)

Why is Fluoride bad?

First of fluoride is not all that bad, we practically get it in many of the foods we eat. The real problem is that non-organic (man-made) fluoride is placed in foods, pharmaceuticals and so much more.

So being a non-essential mineral getting too much of it can be hugely problematic. Moreover, the dose can not be controlled as you can intake the mineral from so many sources. Compounding the problem even more is that fluoride is cumulative and stays in the body for a very long time. See more on the science of fluoride here.

Fluoride has been correlated to brain development issues. No wonder why this happens as babies are reliant on formula and most parents give fluorinated tap water in the formula. See this study here on the effects of fluoride and the brain. To really make this fact even more important see this study with infants and brain development.

Did you ever have joint pain as a result of something you could not explain? After years of ingesting fluorinated water, drugs and foods the amount of fluoride in your body can contribute to muscle-skeletal issues. One study shows how workers exposed to fluoride accelerated joint pain and instability.

Did you know that fluoride affects thyroid function? According to the U.S. National Research Council (2006), “several lines of information indicate an effect of fluoride exposure on thyroid function.” In the Ukraine, Bachinskii (1985) found a lowering of thyroid function, among otherwise healthy people, at 2.3 ppm fluoride in water. See this article here which shows the effect from fluoride.

Which items can you remove right now ?

Which items can you remove right now?

The first place I would like for you to change is the water. First call your town (if you are on public water) and make sure you have fluorinated water and if so let’s get to work. 

Taking showers every day in fluorinated water is a real problem. The average ten-minute shower is providing 25 gallons of fluorinated water to your body. The real problem is that your skin can absorb that water and the fluoride in it. Now we can reduce this by using shower filters that remove fluoride and chlorine.

I suggest using a screw on filter like the one I have here that way you can reduce the amount of fluoride you will get from taking a shower. Most filters reduce the content of fluoride to a decent level. I suggest getting this filter off Amazon as it is the one I am currently using.

Okay so you are thirsty, and you drink tap water, and you wonder to yourself why does it smell? That is the massive amount of chlorine and fluoride in that water. So why not install a system or get a small water filter pitcher to remove the fluoride? We essentially want to remove fluoride from your drinking water and here is how to do just that.

I use a really great filter from Clearly filtered that removes 99% of the fluoride in my water my family gets from Los Angeles water department. I really love this filter and the company because every product they make comes with the test results of how many things and the amounts filtered.

If you are looking to change your whole house to a fluoride removal system, I think that is a great idea if you can afford it. There are many systems out there that remove fluoride and other harmful things in the water as well. I suggest checking out this system full home water system here. Or the under the counter system from Wonder.

I do get a lot of questions about if  a reverse osmosis water filter removes fluoride. I can say that some reverse osmosis filters do an okay job of removing fluoride, but you still need to remove the electrical charge from fluoride to make it inactive. So getting a specific reverse osmosis filter with a membrane that is proven to remove fluoride is best. 

The next thing to change would be toothpaste. As you read earlier, fluoride does not correlate to lower chances of tooth decay. There is no upside to using fluoride in toothpaste. So throw out your Crest toothpaste and look for a non-fluorinated toothpaste.

I personally love toothpaste from Himalaya or Dr. Bonnors. These toothpastes are better for your body and have no real distinguishable qualities from fluorinated toothpaste.

Finally, what you cook in everyday matters and that is because non-stick pans have fluoride. Yes that Teflon non-stick pan you cook in has fluoride. During cooking the heat from the cook top will heat up that Teflon and leach fluoride into the food.

Please do me a favor and throw out that Teflon pan and switch to ceramic, stainless, or cast iron. Long before nonstick pans, the human race did just fine in the kitchen without them. I personally use ceramic pans in my kitchen because I too worry about the amount of fluoride my family could get from these non-stick pans. I have used non-stick alternatives for years, and I am so happy my family is not getting any unnecessary fluoride.

So removing fluoride from your water, toothpaste, and cookware can make a huge difference in your health. Obviously removing it will not make you feel like superman but imagine using these items for 30 years and how much fluoride your body would accumulate.

Is there fluoride in my food?

There are many foods high in fluoride, and it is not that big of a deal, however I wanted to mention it so at least you know.

I can say that tea especially black and green tea are super high in fluoride and should be avoided. The tea leaves actually concentrate the fluoride that the plant gets from the group and the leaves store it.

Some other foods high in fluoride are raisins, blue crab, shrimp, chips, fries, gravy, oatmeal, broth, popsicles and wheat. I would suggest not eating these foods daily as again the fluoride can accumulate and over a long period of time it will add up.

In closing, I hope I have made it clear why fluoride is not so great for your health and why we want to remove fluoride from your body. It is little steps like this that can add to your health over a lifetime. If you found this blog article helpful, please share it so that someone else you love can benefit from the information and knowledge given here on

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