How to nebulize glutathione

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nebulize glutathione

How To Nebulize Glutathione At Home

Getting glutathione has never been easier. I started Healthopsy to inform others about ways to keep their body optimized. Staying healthy and happy one blog post at a time. 


What Is A Nebulizer?

A nebulizer turns liquid medicine and or supplement into a very fine mist that a person can inhale through a face mask or mouthpiece. Taking the medicine or supplement this way allows it to go straight into the lungs and the respiratory system where it is needed. The tissues in the lungs and the mucous membranes go straight to the bloodstream. Making this method the best way to get glutathione versus an IV.

What Do You Need To Nebulize?

All you really need is the following items below to nebulize glutatione at home;

A Nebulizer 

Glutathione (Special Blend For Nebulizing)

Distilled Water

How Do I Nebulize Glutathione This?

So nebulizing is really easy. All you need to do is break open a capsule and add it to the nebulizer. Once you have it in the nebulizer add a small amount of distilled water* and shake the supplement around to verify its liquid now. Then just turn on the machine and nebulizer the supplement.

Should I Be Worried About Side Effects?

So I coach clients around the understanding of certain supplements and their effects. I do feel glutathione is relatively safe as it is produced in the liver. However, there are some things one should watch out for before starting any supplement. As I coach we look at these underlying conditions and work with a practitioner to verify if this wonder supplement can help you.

Jason Sousa

Jason Sousa

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