Fluoroquinolone Recovery Helpful Guidelines


Fluoride- Avoid this at all costs! That means in your toothpaste and your water supply. Check with your local township to see how much or if any fluoride is in your drinking water (check out my helpful blog)

Meats– Avoid all cheap and processed non-organic meats (they are raised with hormones and antibiotics)

Alcohol-Alcohol is a mitochondrial poison and needs to be removed for awhile

Diet- During initial exposure your gut will be inflamed so avoid the following initially and if possible moderate exposure till your gut has healed. I think the Autoimmune Paleo or Wahls Diet is a good start. Vegan if you have issues with eating meat.. Below are some of the food groups that have an effect on the immune system.
1.Soy- GMO crop and high estrogen producing food
2.Gluten-Proven inflammatory food
3.Dairy-Preservatives and hormones in the milk
4.Green & Black tea (They hold fluoride)

Body Care Products- Most personal care products are riddled with chemicals. If you can not pronounce an ingredient in it then it shouldn’t be on your body. I suggest Toms or a comparable brand.
Exercise- Your cells and body can’t handle this for a while. Movement is good just don’t overdo it for a few months.

Supplements- Supplements are so varied in quality. I recommend getting them through my partner Fullscript because they are high quality and the best brands with no additive.

Medications To Avoid
Avoid Fluoroquinolones- Any FQ drug for life, steroids and statins will all take a toll on your body.
1.NSAIDS- Are also not good to take and should be avoided (Advil, Voltran gel, Motrin, Aleve)
2.Steroids- (IE corticosteroids and creams) Many have a fluoride component and should be avoided. (Creams, gels, pills, shots, or inhalants)
4.SSRI antidepressants- (Prozac, Paxil these are fluorinated)
5.Statins- (Lipitor) Fluorinated as well
6.GERD Drugs- Omeprazole, Protonix or any PPI have fluoride
7.Anti-fungals- Diflucan and Flucytosine

For a complete list of fluorinated drugs please see my list here

Chemicals- These are everywhere in your home and in the air, make sure you try and switch your home to a chemical free zone (cleaning supplies, bleach, air filtration) Chemicals such as perfume may ignite a nervous system response in your body

Stress- Raises cortisol and keeps your body in fight or flight mode. This will in turn leave your body starving for cell energy and will ramp up your symptoms.

This will be an ongoing list, I hope this helps!- Jason

If you are looking for recovery stories see Floxiehope.com

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