This easy to follow online peptide course will teach you the basics about BPC157 and TB4 peptides. This peptide course will teach you everything you need to know on how to safely use peptides for injection purposes.

Module 1 Welcome To The Course And What You Will Learn
Unit 1 Welcome Students
Unit 2 Disclaimer For This Course
Unit 3 Course Objectives
Unit 4 Course Outcomes
Module 2 The Science Behinds Peptides And The Peptides Used In This Course
Unit 1 The Science Behind Peptides
Unit 2 The Peptides Used In This Course (TB4 & BPC157)
Unit 3 BPC157 Facts
Unit 4 BPC157 Benefits
Unit 5 TB4 Fact Sheet
Unit 6 TB4 Benefits
Unit 7 FAQs About Peptides
Module 3 Where To Get Peptides
Unit 1 From Your Doctor
Unit 2 Online Peptides
Unit 3 List Of Prescribing Doctors
Unit 4 Online Peptides
Unit 5 Using Oral Peptides
Module 4 Peptide Dosage Calculations and Reconstitution
Unit 1 The Healthopsy Peptide Calculator
Unit 2 BPC157 Dosages
Unit 3 TB4/TB500 Dosages
Unit 4 TB4 Reconstitution
Unit 5 TB500 Reconstitution
Unit 6 BPC157 Reconstitution
Module 5 Injection Safety & Techniques
Unit 1 Injections Guides
Unit 2 Where to get supplies for injections?
Unit 3 Injection Safety
Module 6 How To Inject Peptides
Unit 1 Pateller & Quadriceps Tendons
Unit 2 Elbow Injection
Unit 3 Shin Injection
Unit 4 Achilles Injection
Unit 5 IT Band
Unit 6 Calf Injection
Unit 7 Subcutaneous Injection (Stomach)
Module 7 Peptide Handling & Storage
Unit 1 How To Handle Peptides
Unit 2 Peptide Handling Guide
Module 8 Bonus Materials
Unit 1 Cheat Sheets
Unit 2 Final Video
Unit 3 Citations

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