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What Is Healthopsy

My Mission

My name is Jason, I am a certified health coach.  Along my personal road back to health I wanted to give others the health tips I learned in my life.

My Story

Making Changes

As a health coach, I assist you on your health journey to make positive changes to your life.


Transforming Your Life

Join me in my health coaching and personal training programs and take charge of your health! Turn healthy eating and exercise into a lifestyle. I will help you stay motivated, and you will see yourself stay healthy to live your best life!

How We Achieve This

Meeting Goals

As you work on getting all of your health challenges to accomplish I will hold you accountable to reach your goals.

Work With Me

Together we can get you feeling like yourself again

If your tired of eating the same foods, that you know are not really making you feel so great lets transform your plate. Other aspects of what I offer are;

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Movement and exercise
  • Shopping plans and understanding labels
  • Cooking and what foods matter for you
  • And so much more…


Daily Recipes 

Amazing Whole Food Plant-Based Meals

Your mother always said eat your vegetables right? Why not make eating them fun and exciting. Every recipe includes colors, taste and wonderful aromas.


“I nerver though I would be this excited to cook and eat in my entire life!”

Jeff Rogers

Sharon Atwood

“I had so much trouble with my diet and sleep. After three months of changes, my sleep is much better and I don’t crave sugar at all. Thanks Jason”

Derrick Allen

Working with Jason has been a great experience. He’s very knowledgeable and passionate in helping people achieve their health goals. Jason has been very instrumental in helping me make the best choices/decisions for my health condition along with sorting out some of the misinformation I found online.
Really grateful for the necessary tools provided to help keep me on track, motivated, and for putting things into perspective as I continue on my healing journey.

Emily Kines

After 6 days on an antibiotic I was completely disabled. I had no idea where to start trying to get help. It was a very confusing and scary time. I hired Jason immediately and he was truly the answer I needed. He is a wealth of knowledge from years of researching and applying protocols for his own health journey. He is also someone full of compassion and empathy, which was just what I needed in a coach. It was really like I had immediate access to all that I needed to heal. He kept me from making huge mistakes as well as leading me to the right treatments. I know I would not be where I am had I not made the decision to hire him early on. I’ve said many times it was one of the best investments I made in my health. Here I am today, completely out of a wheelchair, taking care of my kids and living life to the fullest. I will be forever grateful.

Marco Karrer

I really appreciate you Jason. You are a phenomenal health coach. This community can be very happy to have you on their side.


Ready Made Plans



Meal Plans


Coming Soon!

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